Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier

Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier cover
October 2017

Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier: How to Unlock Your Career Potential is a practical guidebook for those who are stuck in their career journey or need help reaching their career goals. The Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier (SIWIKE) is what you didn’t know you needed to know about your career development, things that would have altered your career path if you’d known them ten, five, or even one year earlier. A management consultant turned career coach, Luki Danukarjanto presents personal and professional guidance that has been distilled from his own experience, highlighting areas of focus and inspiration for the soon-to-be grad. “Try this” tactics provide practical guidance for incremental and exponential career preparation and growth.

After finding his purpose in helping others find their purpose, Luki shares SIWIKE gathered through fifteen years of experience and two years of dedicated self-discovery. As a champion of mentorship, he recounts career-accelerating information he wishes a mentor had shared with him during his studies. Join him in the movement to weave mentorship into the fabric of society and unlock your career potential!


Luki Danukarjanto

Luki Danukarjanto

Luki Danukarjanto considers himself a DJ of personal and professional development. From the path as a computer scientist to a management and now a career coach, he looks to share his SIWIKE (Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier) with the world.