Why publish with Iguana?

Iguana Books wants to give every writer the opportunity to publish not just a book, but the best book they can. We publish ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks and hardcovers, and we publish in all genres: literary and historical fiction, mystery, sci-fi, thriller, theatre, finance, romance, poetry, memoir, and children’s literature. Our goal is to publish quality books that look good and read well. We use a new, hybrid publishing model, one we think works for readers and writers.

How do you decide if you are interested in publishing a manuscript?

Someone from our team looks at each manuscript submitted to Iguana. Then we determine whether we think we can work with the author to make a book that meets our standards. We assess the amount of editorial work necessary to publish the book and break it down completely so that you can see what each stage will cost.

What is the process of publishing a book with Iguana?

We will work with you to produce a book at a high professional standard. This includes editing and proofreading, preparing the interior and cover designs, formatting, and providing full distribution to online bookstores throughout the world, in both print and ebook format, which will provide the market exposure you're interested in. 

Do I retain copyright of my book when I publish with you?

When you publish with us, you retain the copyright. You just give us permission to use the material. 

Where are your books sold?

Our print and electronic books are sold in online bookstores around the world. We have over 70 distribution channels. Readers will be able to access your book on a Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and through iBooks.

Do you get into traditional bricks and mortar bookstores?

No, bricks and mortar bookstores are not part of our distribution network. We have no problem, however, if our authors want to approach bricks and mortar bookstores to arrange to have their book sold. Many independent bookstores, and some mainstream ones, offer commission arrangements to hybrid-published authors.

How much does it cost to publish a book with Iguana?

When you submit a manuscript, we will estimate how much it will cost to bring your book to a professional level. The estimate will vary depending on the length of the book and what level of editing your book requires. Our estimate will break down step by step the cost at each stage. We also encourage authors to crowdfund, since a successful campaign means that the author might not have to supply any of the funds needed to produce their book.

What is print on demand?

Print on demand means that books are not printed until an order is placed for them. There is no stock of pre-printed copies. This technology allows books to be printed individually or in small quantities, which eliminates the need to store and warehouse books. Our books are print on demand and printed by Lightning Source. Big online bookstores like Amazon will start to warehouse quantities of print-on-demand titles if there is a demand for them. Whoever ordered the book pays for the printing. If someone buys a copy on Amazon, our printer prints one copy and ships it in an Amazon mailer. If someone buys a copy at Barnes & Noble, the printer prints one copy and ships it in a B&N mailer. 

To hand sell at conventions and events and for their own use, most of our authors buy a case or two of their book (which saves on the printing and a lot on the shipping) and order another case when they’re running low. 

How long does it take to publish a book?

Three months is typical.  A rush project can take six weeks, plus the time it takes for the author to review the work Iguana does.

What kind of support do you provide for crowdfunding?

We are invested in the success of our crowdfunded projects. We can set up the campaign for you for a $500 fee. We will promote it on our social media sites.

Do you provide marketing?

We learned early on that our specialty is producing books – and that specialized book promotion firms are far more effective at promotion than we are. So we leave promotion to the specialists. We’re happy to recommend effective book promoters.

What are the royalty rates? And how often are royalties paid?

Our authors’ royalty rate is 85% of net revenue on ebooks and 10% of the cover price on print books. We pay royalties monthly.


Please see this link for our contract.

Have more questions? Please email info@iguanabooks.ca.