Self Science: A Guide to the Mind and Your Brain's Potential

Self Science
October 2016

Self Science takes the study of the brain out of the laboratory and into the light. After years of seeing how evidence-based practices ignore the individual and fall into generalizations, Dr. Mandy Wintink decided there had to be another way. Looking beyond her training in traditional neuroscience, she embarked on a journey to better understand the way her own brain works and discovered a holistic understanding that put the individual back in focus. With this book, she tells that story and empowers her readers to do the same.

Self Science doesn’t just provide important facts about how the brain works; it invites readers to follow their own path to self-development, self-discovery, and self-awareness. A variety of reflections, chapter assignments, and experiments make Self Science not just an informative text and memoir, but a journal and lab book that turns readers into neuroscientists. Tackling topics like stress reduction, the power of optimism, and the effect of practices like yoga and meditation, Dr. Wintink makes the case that when we know ourselves, we can change our lives in incredible ways.


Mandy Wintink, PhD

Mandy Wintink

Mandy Wintink earned her doctorate degree in neuroscience and psychology from Dalhousie University and subsequently trained in molecular neurobiology in the Department of Pharmacology in the faculty of medicine at Dalhousie University before moving to Toronto where she founded the Centre for App