Patiently Waiting For...

Patiently Waiting For....
February 2016

Patiently Waiting For… is the story of the indomitable, feisty, and subversive Ruth, who, having quadriplegia, longs to access a wider world through use of available software and a computer. She decides to almost run over, with her power chair, a physician who is also a writer of health-related social justice plays and ask him to write her story. What results is this powerful indictment of the inequality of care and diminishing access to accommodation that has widened the divide between those who can afford to pay for health promotion and those who cannot.


Jeff Nisker

Jeff Nisker

Jeff Nisker has written or co-written over 150 scientific articles and book chapters and seven plays, performed in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa.