Leo Zakuta

Leo Zakuta: Reminiscences, Rants, and Raves
January 2013

This book is a compilation of written work, personal and professional, by and about Leo Zakuta. Leo was a sociology professor at the University of Toronto for 33 years, and his main interests were family and friends, writing, and tennis. This book reflects all of these subjects. He wrote many essays about growing up in Montreal, tributes to his friends, letters to the editor, some of which were not printed, as well as published sociology articles. Leo also researched his ancestry and was able to trace his roots back to Columbus' and Vasco de Gama's voyage to America. Also included is an essay written by his mother, Keila Ain, about her shtetle Svislocz, which she left in 1923. There are tributes to Leo that were written for his memorial service and read at Hart House and by his tennis friends that were read at the unveiling of a bronze plaque in his honour.


Annette Zakuta

Annette Zakuta

After the death of her husband, Leo Zakuta, Annette found that one way of living without him was to put together a memoir of Leo. He wanted to be cremated and did not want a gravestone, so she decided that a memorial book could be a place to visit instead.