Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come cover
November 2017

Benji “K9” Keanin attracts trouble. As one of the highest-ranked warriors of the city state of Lilithia Heights, that’s pretty much her job description. But when her fellow warriors start to fall in battle under mysterious circumstances, she starts to worry. Kidnapped by the man responsible, she finds herself improbably drawn to helping him and discovers an unlikely ally. This mysterious person who calls himself “Crow” has seen horrors all too similar to her own, and the bond they share will be what Benji needs as she finds herself facing the ultimate warrior’s challenge: the Tournament of Survivors. Whether she survives will depend on her ability to confront her past and unmask the force terrorizing her hometown.


Andy Nicol

Andy Nicol takes inspiration from the small and strange, as well as from musicians, artists, and writers of the poetic and grim. When she’s not writing or producing art, she likes to spend time with her dog and feed the neighbourhood crows.