Would You Hire You?

January 2016

This book includes 10 tips that will help you successfully navigate the changing world of work and excel in your job. Follow these tips to become an essential employee and discover that job security and leadership positions are naturally within your reach. Not only will you excel in your career, but you will also make your workplace better for those around you. Why not be the most you can be? Read on and start today!


“The ultimate guide to building a successful career! A masterful work filled with life changing knowledge everyone can apply to make a positive impact on the lives of others. With Matt’s tips, we can all make the world more benevolent and inclusive.”

-Ron Swain, National Vice Chief, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples


“Matt's book is a mini course on how to make THE major difference in your career: follow the steps and you'll get ahead personally and professionally – guaranteed!”

-June Read, Director of NextGen and Special Projects, Pacific Western Transportation


“After working at senior management levels for over 40 years in a wide range of industry sectors, I believe this is a great book! It offers clear direction on how you can achieve job security and career progression—all of which is in your control—by thinking like a leader and by inspiring confidence in those around you.”

 -Brian Thompson, Chair, Professional and Leadership Programs, SAIT Polytechnic


“Finally! A book that gives you sound, practical advice on how to be successful on the job and in your career.  This is a must read for job seekers, recent college graduates, and those looking to switch careers. It all starts with Would you hire you?”

          -Therese Dickerson, Director of Recruiting, International Bridge


“Developing leaders who can help shape the 21st century is no easy task. However, this book provides excellent tips on how organizations and individuals can bring ownership and compassion to the work they do.”

-Nimir Raval, Social Worker – Community Builder, City of Edmonton


"This is a fantastic book! Great advice on everything from handling difficult conversations to dealing with different personality types. It's full of real life examples which brings the book to life. An excellent follow up from Canadian Workplace Culture!”

-Debbie Mastel, Critical Talent Specialist, Devon Energy


“An informative read that is thorough yet practical. The real-world scenarios offer a profound vision of a respectful and empathetic workplace.”

-Eric VandeVelde, Chair, Publications & Social Media, HRPA Ottawa


“A valuable go-to-guide that will definitely assist you in achieving greater job satisfaction and security. Matt's clear, concise, and hands-on ideas can be quickly utilized to help you navigate in today’s changing world of work."

-Ron Volk, Coordinator of Employment Services, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society