Text Me, Love Mom

Text Me, Love Mom: Two Girls, Two Boys, One Empty Nest
July 2014

In an age where our kids are helicopter parented and bubble wrapped, this mother of four isn't looking forward to her four talented, artistic children leaving the family home. Bubble after protective bubble bursts as her troupe queues up and flies off to distant places. Candace Allan attempts to iparent from afar through sometimes turbulent, sometimes funny, and always curious new times. Text Me, Love Mom – Two Girls, Two Boys, One Empty Nest is a heartfelt ode to learning how to let go when all you want is to hang on tight.


Witty and candid, wise with an optimistic lean – Candace Allan's memoir is back-up for anyone whose fledglings are finding inventive ways to leave the nest. A pleasure to read. – Fred Stenson, humorist for Alberta Views Magazine and author of Who by Fire


Candace Allan

Candace Allan

Candace Allan won her first writing award in a Calgary Herald writing contest in grade school. She tuned her talent at the University of Victoria, graduating with a major in creative writing.