No Time to Bury Them

No Time to Bury Them Cover
August 2017

The Yukon, 1907.

North America’s last untamed frontier. Dawson City has reached its tipping point. The citizens, and the people they count on to protect them, now live under the brutal control of Eric Morgan, a violent gang leader. Morgan’s power has only grown since the days of the Klondike Gold Rush, and he now prepares for his greatest score yet. 

Dawson’s salvation rests with Inspector Richard Carol, who will lead a team of Mounties to liberate the city. But can he trust his own people? And with so many of his own battles to fight, can Richard trust himself?  


Mark C. Eddy

Mark C. Eddy

Mark Eddy was born in rural Newfoundland, Canada. After receiving his Master of Arts degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland, he moved to Toronto. His other work includes the non-fiction book The Recent History of Terrorism in Canada, 1963–2013.