Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Stories for a Working Life
August 2014

There are numerous “how to” books aimed at providing assistance to young people beginning their careers or established professionals looking to make transitions. This is not one of them. Rather than outlining how to work for a specific company, Lessons Learned: Stories for a Working Life is intended to draw out what is truly significant — the priorities and values of the reader. A Human Resources professional with over thirty years of experience, Paul Farkas shares a series of stories from his life and career, and engages his readers to reflect on their own narratives in order to access lessons that resonate on a personal level.


Paul Farkas

Paul Farkas

Paul Farkas has worked across Canada, primarily in the field of Human Resources. After graduating with a Biochemistry degree and a Master of Business Administration focused on organizational behaviour, he began working at The Herald in Calgary.