Lean Six Sigma for the Practitioner

Lean Six Sigma for the Practitioner cover
November 2017

Lean is simple: Get the product to the customer defect free and as quickly as possible. To get the benefit of lean you don’t need courses offered by academics or consultants who sell an acronym or a buzzword. This book will walk you through process-improvement regimes such as Six Sigma and Total Quality Management and help you decide which one is right for you. It will also show you how to engage your employees so that your processes improvements are not only sustainable, but infectious. Whether you believe in lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, or any other related process-improvement regime, this book will clarify what you know and tie it together in a way that makes the problem solvable. It’s time to bring back the simplicity of lean. 


Dino Pupulin

Dino Pupulin

Dino Pupulin has worked with small and large businesses on three continents over the last 20 years. Although the names for process improvement have changed, the philosophies and tools haven’t.