Catch Me the Moon

Catch Me the Moon
July 2016

“Catch me the moon,” cries Madeline. “Okay,” says Poppa. He makes her a “moon box.” But when she looks inside, the moon is never there. So Poppa finds a bigger box. And then one night, it happens...

This colourfully illustrated picture book is a heartfelt story about the powerful connection between children and their grandparents. Catch Me the Moon will appeal to the young and not-so-young alike.




Catch Me the Moon is a sweet story about a girl and her very inventive grandfather. Catching the moon is no simple task, but somehow he finds a way to give his little granddaughter her greatest wish. Along the way they have a lot of fun, building inter-generational relationships and strengthening familial bonds.

This would be a fun book for grandparents to read to their grandchildren, or for any little one right before bed. The story is very endearing, and the illustrations are colorful. [...] It would be great for snuggling with your favorite grandchild.

- The Children’s Book Review


Gary Hutchinson

Gary Hutchinson

Gary Hutchinson, a baby boomer, grew up on his parents’ farm in rural south-western Ontario with his five brothers.  When his daughter was born, he read her countless books and told her stories every night at bedtime until her sixteenth birthday.  After seeing the positive impact this had on his