Brain in Pain

	Brain in Pain: A Wounded Healer's Heart-Wrenching and Heart-Warming Guide to Schizophrenia
December 2012

Brain in Pain gives a first-hand view of the world of schizophrenia and challenges the stigma surrounding mental illness. Written by Peter Cohen, Brain in Pain is an invaluable window into his compelling world. Both candid and vivid, Cohen describes his experience of living and coping with a psychosis. His book will interest anyone who has struggled with adversity and made the most of it. In Cohen’s words, “The book gives a brief autobiography, then goes into some of the work that I have done, living and coping with a mental illness and preventing and ameliorating schizophrenia and also hope and help for the future.”


Peter Cohen

Peter Cohen

Peter Cohen grew up Toronto and had what he describes as a tragically unhappy upbringing, developing schizophrenia as a teenager. Despite the challenges of entering young adulthood with this disease, Peter studied premed and psychology as an undergraduate and began down a path into nursing.