An Uncompromising Place

An Uncompromising Place
September 2015

Richard Gould was looking forward to his retirement, to spending at least part of his time in the heritage home he had renovated in a quiet village in Ontario, and particularly to his major project—bringing a ruin back to its former glory as a flour mill. The discovery of two old books hidden in the ruin promised to add extra spice to this project, until he was drawn into events that were at first odd, then ominous, and all too soon lethal. Inexorably, Gould was carried deeper into a dangerous web and finally to a murderous encounter near the historic German city of Heidelberg.


An Uncompromising Place is full of action.”
Danny Gorny, Toronto Is Awesome


Keith Weaver

Retired engineer Keith Weaver, who has always been an avid reader, can now indulge his passion for writing. In his work, he manages to integrate his technical background, his interests in the history of civilization, ideas, and technology, and his fascination with philosophy.